Special mortars


Our range of special mortars is geared to the technical requirements of structural works, civil engineering and highway projects.

ParexGroup provides technical solutions in eight areas:

- Surface preparation

- Repair with the Lankorep range

- Grouting

- Waterproofing with the Lanko Imper Système offer

- Pointing and laying

- Admixtures

- Assembly mortars

- Highways and streetscape mortars


Proposing solutions for structural works entails taking account of the continuous stresses the construction must bear as well as occasional ones (wind, earthquakes, etc.), i.e. everything that contributes to the solidity and stability of the building (load-bearing walls, columns, floors, roof frames, etc.). It also means providing support for the contractors who are committed to long-term guarantees on buildings and structures.

This is why we support structural works contractors in all their projects, suggesting application solutions for waterproofing, foundation protection, surface preparation, etc., which will help to ensure that the building or structure is correctly executed. 

Whether for paved and cobbled zones under heavy traffic, bedding inspection points and manholes, road furniture or rehabilitating of sanitation systems and treatment plants, we have developed durable and proven solutions that meet our customers’ demands.

With great experience of special mortars for highways and sanitation systems, ParexGroup offers a comprehensive range of products that are already proving popular with many local authorities.

The field of application of civil engineering is vast, encompassing public works and construction. Among other aspects, it includes structural works in general, whatever the type of construction or building, industrial constructions (plants, warehouses, reservoirs, etc.), transport infrastructures (highways, railways, engineering structures, canals, ports, tunnels, etc.), hydraulic constructions (dams, dikes, jetties, etc.) and urban infrastructure (aqueducts, sewers, etc.).

A key player in the civil engineering sector, ParexGroup provides support for its customers throughout construction projects, and is able to recommend appropriate technical solutions to deal with whatever issues may arise. 

Our brands


The Parexlanko Dustless range offers better working conditions (with up to 90% less dust), and is responsible for fewer dust-related irritations. These products are also smoother and more pleasant to apply.



Thanks to innovative new raw materials, we have developed the first wall finishings in powder form to offer the same application qualities as products in paste form. They combine improved working conditions with greater respect for the environment.



ParexGroup also offers many products in solvent-free formulations.