Adhesives and Flooring Products


We focus primarily on meeting current market demands and trends and on developing increasingly eco-friendly products.

Adhesive and Flooring ranges:

- Surface preparation systems: ParexGroup is responsible for a wide range of products for preparing surfaces which set a market standard, including primers, floor patching, leveling mortars.

- Tile adhesives: ParexGroup offers a complete range of innovative technical products that guarantee an optimal result (cementitious mortars, tile adhesives, etc.).

- Tile grouting: the breadth and diversity of the Parexlanko grouting offer allows users to find the ideal technical and esthetic solution to meet their needs.

- Acoustic insulation and under-floor waterproofing: among the specifications that contractors must frequently meet are acoustic insulation and both surface and under-floor waterproofing, specific areas for which Parexlanko products are the ideal solution.

- Decor adhesives: For use in conjunction with the Surface Preparation range, ParexGroup markets a range of adhesive products (alcohol-based glues, acrylic glues, etc.) that deliver an optimal solution for projects involving the adhesion of flexible coverings.


We have developed a comprehensive product range consisting of primers, floor patching and leveling mortars which enable users to prepare surfaces thoroughly:

- primers specifically intended for surfaces that are porous, absorb normally or are impervious.

- multi-purpose floor patching and leveling mortars products for both new build and renovation projects used to even out floor thicknesses. 

Because of the breadth of its range, there is a Parexlanko tile adhesive product – basic or technical, normal or fluid – to suit every type of project.

Products in the Parexlanko range of adhesives have evolved to keep pace with new tile formats and new regulations, and correspond to new market trends.

A wet room is by definition a room in which the walls and/or the floor are subject to contact with water on a more or less frequent basis. It is important to treat these surfaces with waterproofing products specifically designed according to the function of the wet room and the intensity with which water is used. ParexGroup markets a complete range of under-floor waterproofing solutions.

The acoustic insulation of floors is a concern for many people. ParexGroup seeks to provide a solution to noise nuisance with two under-floor sound insulation systems: 585 Lankophonic Rouleau and 586 Lankophonic Plak.

Our brands


The Parexlanko Dustless range offers better working conditions (with up to 90% less dust), and is responsible for fewer dust-related irritations. These products are also smoother and more pleasant to apply.



Thanks to innovative new raw materials, we have developed the first wall finishings in powder form to offer the same application qualities as products in paste form. They combine improved working conditions with greater respect for the environment.



ParexGroup also offers many products in solvent-free formulations.