Pointing of bricks, facades and external thermal insulation


ParexGroup, a specialist in facade treatments in many countries, offers a comprehensive range of solutions under the Parexlanko and Seifert brands for waterproofing, insulating, protecting and decorating the facades of newly built constructions, restoring those of older buildings, and installing external thermal insulation systems complying with the most stringent standards.

Solidly rooted in the Belgian architectural tradition, our Seifert range specializes more particularly in products for pointing, laying and decorating bricks:

- pointing mortars,

- dual-purpose laying and pointing mortars,

- mineral paints and coatings.

Seifert offers a broad palette of colors and a color-design process that aims to provide suitable colors for all types of bricks.

Through our Parexlanko and Seifert ranges, we provide products that enable our customers to display their talents: a vast array of finishes and colors, easy application adapted to construction site conditions, technical advice and assistance.


Contemporary facades are a canvas for architectural expression, where there is fusion of new concepts, whatever the region or type of architecture.

The esthetics of a facade are largely conveyed by the colors, materials and textures that constitute it. Making the right choice is therefore crucial.

And so, whatever the region or the architectural style, Parexlanko products provide effective esthetic and technical solutions from our wide range of references for all kinds of new build facades.

Because traditional buildings were constructed using natural materials, their restoration requires specific lime-based products from our Patrimoine range: facade coatings, mortars for stone repairs, whitewashes, etc.

A heritage range for traditional construction

The Patrimoine range, formulated with natural lime, offers restoration professionals the lime-based products best suited to the specific requirements of traditional facades (water vapor permeance, workability, etc.).

Perfect compatibility with traditional methods

With a guaranteed high lime content, mortars in the Patrimoine range can be used to carry out restorations with full confidence in a lasting result that will respect the original structure.

Preserving traditions with modern mortars

The Patrimoine range is intended for restoring buildings using traditional methods in keeping with the spirit of the original structure while meeting modern demands imposed by construction sites, such as rapid completion times, work comfort, ease of access in urban environments, etc. 

External thermal insulation is increasingly seen as an ideal solution to meet the challenge of achieving low energy consumption in buildings.

Calling on thirty years’ experience in this area, ParexGroup offers a wide range of solutions that provide an effective method for dealing with thermal issues in buildings.

The Pariso range consists of external thermal insulation systems that allow a vast number of forms of architectural expression for buildings. The systems consist of numerous insulating material and finish options.

Pariso systems are an effective way of meeting the requirements of low energy consumption standards, delivering thermal comfort all year round, and give better protection for structural works.

We have designed complete external insulation systems to ensure that projects are carried out correctly and to guarantee the conformity of components as part of a certified system. 

Our brands


The Parexlanko Dustless range offers better working conditions (with up to 90% less dust), and is responsible for fewer dust-related irritations. These products are also smoother and more pleasant to apply.



Thanks to innovative new raw materials, we have developed the first wall finishings in powder form to offer the same application qualities as products in paste form. They combine improved working conditions with greater respect for the environment.



ParexGroup also offers many products in solvent-free formulations.